вторник, 31 июля 2018 г.

склонение личных местоимений

A new question at our forum:
If you need to say in Russian “read it, drop them, kiss her etc.” , how do you say the it-them-her etc” part? what pronoun do you use? I have to translate this sentence: “ if this text is easy, we’ll translate it quickly”

Since your noun is "text" and in Russian текст (text) is a masculine noun, it will be replaced with the pronoun ОН. Look up in the table, we see that in Accusative case он is его. Therefore, the translation will be: "Если этот текст лёгкий, мы быстро переведём его."

The table and explanation about Personal Pronouns - https://www.ruspeach.com/learning/4784/

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